Mutants and Masterminds/DC Adventures Difficulties Conversion

d20 Conversion – Difficulties

Fate – d20 [Mutants & Masterminds style]
+0 Very easy (0) Notice something in plain sight (Perception)
+1 Easy (5) Climb a knotted rope (Athletics)
+2 Average (10) Hear an approaching security guard (Perception)
+3 Tough (15) Disarm an explosive (Technology)
+4 Challenging (20) Swim against a strong current (Athletics)
+5 Formidable (25) Climb a wet, slippery rock-face (Athletics)
+6 Heroic (30) Overcome a sophisticated security system (Technology)
+7 Super-heroic (35) Convinces the guards, even though you’re not wearing an ID badge and aren’t on their list, they should let you into the building (Deception)
+8 Nigh-impossible (40)

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