Desert Maps

Alex has made some adjustments to his Alpine algorithm for TextMapper to get better desert terrain – e.g. Australian. Lots of generic rpg maps assume European type things – e.g. cool to cold, whereas Australia is temperature to equatorial, in general.

This one is a nice example

Map Generation – Cities and Towns

A program that can generate cities and towns, medieval Voronoi style. Along with a viewer that can produce graphcis the base output is json, which gives you vector data to use with other things. Very nice!

Sample city

Here is an example of a possible configuration for the city to be generated:

city = City(10000, 10000, has_walls=True, has_castle=True)
tools.json(city, '/generated_city/city.json')


Alex Schroeder told me about this one, I generally just installed a distro and then upgraded when necessary.

Where you can manage them locally.

I changed from shared hosting to an upgrade to allow some extra perl options – which didn’t really give what I wanted, but looks like this will.

Which should make it easier to contribute to his stuff from wherever, with a dev environment online to test things.

Köppen climate classification

This is a 5 zone breakdown.

A-E, Tropical, Arid, Temperate, Continental, Polar

Or in a game sense, Jungle, Desert, Standard, Cold, Arctic

And put intermediate things in as you like

Köppen climate types
Koppen Climate Classifications – Wikipedia

Welsh Piper hex map algorithm – Python

In relation to HexDescribe and TextMapper – the random or Smale algorithm is the Welsh Piper’s.

There’s a follow on part linked for stocking hexes.

I translated this to python – partly as a ChatGPT exercise.

Where I did a few tweaks of the Primary and Secondary maps for the gnomeyland style based on the terrains I have put in Mokuy for HexDescribe.

Here’s the TextMapper map

and the HexDescribe tables so far – lengthy project the latter

I need a ship and ship crew generator, speaking of such things (and/or ChatGPT).

Mokuy – Australia hex mapping, Hex Describe and Hex Mapper

Alex Schroeder has an ‘Alpine’ hex map generation option in . This allows you to tweak heights for maps.

Also in TextMapper similarly. However, his native Switzerland and Australia are somewhat different in size and smoothness.

These are great and the code is also here:-

Austrlia DTM stats
Australia DTM Histogram

Switzerland DTM stats
Switzerland DTM stats

You can see the power law distribution dropoff for Australian terrain, whereas Switzerland is much more elevated. e.g. Australia is an old, worn down continent, geologically.

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