Alex Schroeder’s gridmapper

This is excellent – so you can create a map by typing, or by code, or via the interface – and save and download in multiple formats. Thanks very much Alex!

AD&D 1e Monster tables combination

“Random monster encounter charts featuring all the dungeon appropriate (i.e. no aquatic, sylvan, etc.) creatures listed in the 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, Fiend Folio, and Monster Manual II.”

PDF link is below – the post comes from :

AD&D 1e Treasure Tables

Web page version.

AD&D 1e Treasure Tables Github Repository

Thanks to David Steimle, less typing required!

Dungeon23 – 005 Ruby Base Level 01 Key 4

The Ruby – surfaced
The Ruby submarine docked
The Ruby – docked
Ruby Base Level 01 grid map
Ruby Base Level 01 grid map

4) A giant metallic seeming sea craft is berthed here. GM: Level 01 is the submarine dock as can be clearly seen. Other key descriptions to follow.

Dungeon23 – 004 Ruby Base Level 00

The Ruby just starting to surface from the ocean
The Ruby surfacing in view of Ruby Base, heading for home

Level 0 as such would be this grid, seen from below, just a hull outline, partially submerged.

GM: Descriptions and details with Level 1. If players encounter via entering underwater in 1800s terms they see the bottom of a seacraft of unknown type and made of something which seems possibly metallic, but also unknown, no obvious joins with slight symmertric ridges.

Dungeon23 – 003 Ruby Base Level 80

Time machine throne under a gold cylinder of force
Ruby Base Level 80 – the time machine.

Dungeon23 – 002 Ruby Base Level 81

Ruby Base Level 81 golden cone of force middle
Ruby Base Level 81 graphic
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