Dungeon23 – 033 Ruby Base Level 24 Key 9

Level 24 is the Captain’s quarters;

GM: At Key 9 is a whole bunch of storage of fancy captain gear, supplies, weapons and booze. Along with one stuffed bear, for some unaccountable reason.

Ruby Base Level 24
Storage crates. Random stuffed bear.

Dungeon23 – 020 Ruby Base Level 11 Key 10

Level 11 is basically a giant storage unit. There are loads of large wooden crates any way you look.

GM:At Key 10, A weapons locker, early 19th century style. Sabres, knives, the odd pirate cutlass, firearms, cudgels, whips for using on bad crew. Pistols and long guns included. Plus some gunpowder.

Weapon: 0

Weapon: 0

While writing FATERIP this was my idea as a possible option to use. If someone is employing a ‘garden variety’ weapon. Cheap handgun where those are commonly available, knife, blackjack, club, knuckledusters, rock etc then there is no damage bonus.

If using something out of the ordinary, like a large sword, machine gun, sniper rifle, battleaxe, electricity pole etc. then calls those Weapon: 1. Prepared intent to be nasty, if you like, as opposed to stumble into a brawl.

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