Bunyip and Crocodile Dundee

Things I had forgotten…the Deluxe City Campaign Set has a mini-scenario with a bunyip loose on Coney Island. Crocodile Dundee’s fault, pretty much.

F: FE (2)
A: EX (20)
S: RM (30)
E: EX (20)
R: PR (4)
I: TY (6)
P: EX (20)

H: 72 K:30

Even has stats for the Dundee analogue. Typical except Good AERP.
F: Ty (6)
A: Gd (10
S: Ty (6)
E: Gd (10)
R: Gd (10)
I: Ty (6)
P: Gd (10

H: 32 K: 26

FATE – The Mummy

FATE: The Mummy

Draft 1.0 – October 02, 2013 – Blue Tyson

High Concept: Imhotep, Ancient Egyptian Insane Priest
Trouble: Monstrous Living Mummy dependent on the Scroll of Thoth
Aspect 1 : Forbidden Lover of Princess Ankh-es-en-amon
Aspect 2 : Making any Princess Mummy close enough to the original will do
Aspect 3 : Not a fan of Isis

+6 Physique
+5 Lore, Will
+4 Deceive, Fight, Provoke
+3 Crafts, Investigate, Notice, Stealth
+2 Athletics, Burglary, Contacts, Empathy, Resources
+1 Rapport, Shoot, Drive

Mental Stress : 1 2 3 4
Physical Stress : 1 2 3 4
Consequences : 2 2 4 6

Refresh : 10


Mesmerism : Use the occult power of my Will to control a target’s mind

Mummy Bride : I may make a mummy bride on completion of an ancient ritual and murdering a victim of appropriate appearance

Reincarnate : If the Scroll of Thoth is read I can come back to life


+5 Forceful
+4 Clever
+3 Sneaky
+2 Careful
+2 Flashy
+0 Quick

Notes: Designed to be your classic big bad monster enemy


The Acronical



F: RM (30)
A: EX (20)
S: GD (10)
E: EX (20)
R: GD (10)
I: GD (10)
P: TY (6)

H: 80
K: 26

Res: RM (30)
Pop: -GD (-10)


Body Armour FB (2)

Ability Drain – Every hit means the victim must make an Endurance roll or lose a rank from a random attribute.


Tracking of adulterers and their accomplices and associates

OSERIP AC – 7 Row Shifts

The acronical is a large insectile predator that strides on
six armored legs. Eight feet tall at the shoulder, it has a
dark maroon exoskeleton and serrated black hooks at
the end of both arms. It reeks of vomit.

Created by anhedonic priests many centuries ago, this
nocturnal creature stalks and kills adulterers. It hunts
married people who stray from the beds of their spous-
es, and it hunts those who fornicate with married peo-

Acronicals are drawn to the scent of such persons, and
can detect it from miles away. Hunting in small packs,
the beasts crawl across walls and ceilings, silent and
careful, closing in on their victims. They stalk everyone
who was peripherally involved in the duplicity — neigh-
bors who turn a blind eye, innkeepers who knew exact-
ly what was going on, and so forth. Those involved are
tracked down, attacked while alone, hamstrung, and
devoured by the acronicals while still alive.

Then the creatures will hunt the adulterers themselves.
They will be captured, brought together, and given a
chance to survive: a fight to the death, with the victor set

However, the creatures have no intention of living up to
their end of the deal. After one has killed the other, the
monster will amputate the victor’s arms and legs, then
sing songs of love while the fornicator bleeds to death.
Adventurers may encounter the acronical in the wild. It
tends to favor caves or dungeons, where it can stage the
fatal battle between lovers.

The creature leaves behind a watery orange stool, and
when it is agitated, its chitin flakes off in small amounts.
Heroes tracking the beast will find this evidence in its

In combat, the acronical attacks with its scythe-like
claws, which inflict GD (10) points of damage. Each time
the monster hits, the target must make a saving throw
against poison or lose a point from a random attribute


01-14 Fighting
15-28 Agility
29-42 Strength
43-56 Endurance
57-70 Reason
71-84 Intuition
85-98 Psyche
99-00 Player Choice

The Teratic Tome

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