AD&D 1e Monster tables combination

“Random monster encounter charts featuring all the dungeon appropriate (i.e. no aquatic, sylvan, etc.) creatures listed in the 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, Fiend Folio, and Monster Manual II.”

PDF link is below – the post comes from :

AI Monster Manual

Here’s a cool use of ChatGPT

Where asking for 6 monsters for a particular campaign started with:-

Sure! Here are six unique monster entries for a campaign called “The Menace of the Flowered Towers,” inspired by the style of the AD&D Monster Manual:

Monster Name: Floral Horror

Armor Class: 2

Movement: 60′ (20′)

Hit Dice: 8+8

No. of Attacks: 2

Damage/Attack: 1-6/1-6

So very good, really!


Matteo Ferla has written a python 5E D&D encounter simulator that I have been meaning to get to for some time. Too many real life models to deal with until now.

He also has an online version here:-

Wilderness Simulator Stats – Python

I took the java version from

and converted to python – there’s a jupyter notebook here:-

WildernessEncounterSim – Jupyter Notebook

Wilderness Simulator Stats

Wilderness Encounters: Clear (log chart)
Wilderness simulator distribution

“One more reflection on the Original D&D wilderness encounter charts. Last week we were using some tabulated charts to decide between two possible rules interpretations, and one was clearly much nicer. But that was based on just looking at the average EHD (Equivalent Hit Dice) for each encounter type, which is maybe a little sketchy. Since I’m obsessive about these things, I wrote a simulator program that actually rolls up the individual encounters (varying the number appearing by psuedo-random dice), and I had it spit out a thousand random encounters for each terrain type.”

This all looks like pretty reasonable results to me!


Looking forward to giving this a shot [with hopefully minimal swearing at java]

ARENA – Java Package for Simulating Original D&D Combat

This code package provides routines for simulating combat in a tabletop Fantasy Role-Playing Game (FRPG) similar to Original D&D or closely-related games. Combat is done as per “theater of the mind” without tracking exact spatial locations; targets of attacks are chosen by random method (as per 1E AD&D DMG). In most cases, the intent here is to output aggregate statistics based on many trials of the game between men and monsters. This package provides only command-line, text output; there are no graphics or visualizations, and generally few options for output regarding individual combats.

For a precompiled JAR executable made from this package, and full JavaDoc pages, visit:

Banana Blowout

Magic User

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