Magic Sword Menagerie

This is a LOT of quirks of bladed things!

Magic sword menagerie

Master Dungeon Mapping Key

From Save vs Dragon

Dungeon23 – 006 Ruby Base Level 01 Key 2

Dr Ruby Lava Armor slightly used from Freedom Force encounter
Dr Ruby Lava Armor slightly used from Freedom Force encounter
Dr Ruby's lava armor -much better condition than her brother's
Dr Ruby’s lava armor -much better condition than her brother’s

Standing against a wall are what appear to be suits of some sort of possibly metallic armour. Each is slightly different, with one looking much more used and if close enough, smelling slightly carbonised. GM: Each of the Rubys has a lava armor suit. Hers is in better condition than his, as it has not been through a volcano. These are specially fitted, so only the Rubys can use them, or someone that happened to be very close physical matches and could work out the technology. Need to add stats.

Ruby Base Level 01 gridmap
Ruby Base Level 01 gridmap

AD&D 1e Random Monster encounters in spreadsheet

AD&D 1e Monster tables combination

“Random monster encounter charts featuring all the dungeon appropriate (i.e. no aquatic, sylvan, etc.) creatures listed in the 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, Fiend Folio, and Monster Manual II.”

PDF link is below – the post comes from :

AD&D 1e Treasure Tables

Web page version.

AD&D 1e Treasure Tables Github Repository

Thanks to David Steimle, less typing required!

OSR Rules Families

Where Marcia has done some cluster analysis of 38? different DnD/OSR and adjacent rulesets

AI Monster Manual

Here’s a cool use of ChatGPT

Where asking for 6 monsters for a particular campaign started with:-

Sure! Here are six unique monster entries for a campaign called “The Menace of the Flowered Towers,” inspired by the style of the AD&D Monster Manual:

Monster Name: Floral Horror

Armor Class: 2

Movement: 60′ (20′)

Hit Dice: 8+8

No. of Attacks: 2

Damage/Attack: 1-6/1-6

So very good, really!


Matteo Ferla has written a python 5E D&D encounter simulator that I have been meaning to get to for some time. Too many real life models to deal with until now.

He also has an online version here:-

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