Mutants and Masterminds/DC Adventures Difficulties Conversion

d20 Conversion – Difficulties

Fate – d20 [Mutants & Masterminds style]
+0 Very easy (0) Notice something in plain sight (Perception)
+1 Easy (5) Climb a knotted rope (Athletics)
+2 Average (10) Hear an approaching security guard (Perception)
+3 Tough (15) Disarm an explosive (Technology)
+4 Challenging (20) Swim against a strong current (Athletics)
+5 Formidable (25) Climb a wet, slippery rock-face (Athletics)
+6 Heroic (30) Overcome a sophisticated security system (Technology)
+7 Super-heroic (35) Convinces the guards, even though you’re not wearing an ID badge and aren’t on their list, they should let you into the building (Deception)
+8 Nigh-impossible (40)

Mutants and Masterminds/DC Adventures Advantages to Fate stunts

This game has a middle ground between Powers and Skills as well, Combat Advantages, Fortune Advantages, General Advantages and Skill Advantages.

I have been meaning to consider them for a while, so

Accurate Attack

Here you take a number off damage and add to the chance to hit. Which is straightforward enough in somewhat decoupled from the standard roll and success shifts in things like FATERIP,, where you compare rolls for success and apply damage from Strength, Powers, etc. A generic form :

Accurate Attack: Gain +2 to your Attack Roll while reducing Shifts of Damage done by 2.

Agile Feint

Use Deception instead of Acrobatics of movement speed in combat. Lists the Flash having this example…why you’d use it instead of high rank superspeed, I dunno.

Generic Form:

Agile Feint: Use Deceive instead of Athletics as a defense in combat?

All-Out Attack

Sacrificing Defense for Attack.

Generic Form:

All-Out Attack: Gain +2 to your Attack Roll while reducing your Defense Roll by 2.

Animal Empathy

Communicate with animals as though people.

Generic Form:

Allows the use of Empathy, Rapport and Provoke Skills on animals as if they were people.


Create temporary magical items, kit-bashing and jury rigging style. An Omnigadget with magical flavour.

Generic Form:

Use Lore to Create an Advantage for a scene tied to a temporary magical device.


The ability to work out a target’s Combat abilities.

Generic Form:

A GM Create Advantage roll of Notice defended by Deceive. Success with Style gives the PC the ladder ranks of the target’s abilities exactly. Otherwise, better or worse. Failure lets the GM lie.


Very good looking.

Generic Form:

Gain +2 to Deceive or Rapport rolls againts targets that like how you look.

Beginner’s Luck

Get access to a Skill that you don’t have.

Generic Form:

Spend a Fate Point and gain a Skill at +2 for the Scene if you do not have it or is is only Average.


You have some useful ability or background not covered else, like being ambidextrous, a knighthood, or having secret information access clearance.

Generic Form:

Use an Aspect.


Grabbing and restraining an opponent means you can cause them to suffocate.

Generic Form:

On a successul Physique Attack you get to automatically cause a Minor Consequence of Suffocating. If the target fails to Overcome by the end of the scene you take them out.

Close Attack

Good at hitting people hand to hand combat.

Generic Form:

Gain +2 to Athletics when attacking a direct opponent in hand to hand combat.


You know people who can help you out when asked.

Generic Form:

This is the Contacts skill, directly.


You can make someone hesitant to act in opposition..

Generic Form:

Use either Deceive or Provoke (pick one when buying) to Create an Advantage of a Hesitant Aspect on a target in combat.

Defensive Attack

Sacrificing Attack for Defense.

Generic Form:

Gain a +2 on Defense Rolls while reducing Attack Rolls by 2.


Your innate toughness means you aren’t going to bleed out, etc., when seriously wounded.

Generic Form:

An opponent who Takes You Out must spend a a Fate Point and have the unhindered to opportunity to dramatically finish you off to kill you. You may spend a Fate Point to make them think they have done so.

Eidetic Memory

You have perfect recall of everything you have ever come across.

Generic Form:

Gain +2 to Lore rolls on memory checks and to defend against Memory attacks. Allow Lore rolls at rank 0 to know difficult or obscure information outside your area of expertise.


Have stuff you rely on like Gear, Vehicles or Headquarters.

Generic Form:

Use Aspects and Stunts for utility belts, super transports or secret Antarctic fortresses if important enough.


You are good at avoiding getting blown up, stuck in fires, etc.

Generic Form:

Gain +2 to Athletics rolls to Defend against area effect weapons.

Extraordinary Effort

Expend your energy reserves to perform at levels above what you are normally capable of.

Generic Form:

Gain +2 to Skill checks for your turn but immediately take a Fatigued Mild Consequence. If you already have a Mild Consequence, roll it up to the next one.


You can captivate others.

Generic Form:

Using Deceive, Rapport or Provoke (choose one when buying) you can Create An Advantage defended by Will of Entranced on the target or targets until Overcome.

Fast Grab

In hand to hand combat hurt and grapple at the same time.

Generic Form:

A successful unarmed combat Athletics action will do damage and also Create An Advantage of a Grappled Aspect on the target, until this Physique effect is Overcome.

Favored Environment

You are good at fighting in an out of the ordinary location like space, the water, desert, jungle etc.

Generic Form:

Gain +2 to Attack and Defend when in combat in your named when bought Favored Environment.

Favored Foe

You are particularly good at fighting one specific class of adversary. Robot fighter, alien bounty hunter, massacrer of mafia, turning undead, etc.

Generic Form:

Gain +2 on Deceive, Provoke and Notice rolls related to your Favored Foe.


You are completely immune to being scared.

Generic Form:

You automatically succeed at a minimum on Defense against fear attacks and effects.

Grabbing Finesse

You are a speedy rather than brutish wrestler.

Generic Form:

Make Grappling type attacks with Athletics instead of Physique.

Great Endurance

You do not tire or succumb to the environment easily.

Generic Form:

Gain +2 to Physique or Will checks against tiring, hunger, cold, thirst, heat, holding your breath, etc.

Hide In Plain Sight

Conceal yourself with a minimum of cover.

Generic Form:

Allows instantaneous Stealth rolls to hide in any circumstance that can be minimally explained.

Improved Aim

Take time to get a better shot.

Generic Form:

When you spend a turn aiming automatically Create An Advantage of ‘Improved Aim’ Aspect with two free invokes.

Improved Critical

Be more likely to attack impressively with a chosen method.

Generic Form:

Gain Success with Style on 2 Shifts or more with a specific attack type chosen when bought.

Improved Defense

You are much harder to attack than most other people.

Generic Form:

Utilise Full Defense at +6 rather than +2.

Improved Disarm

You are very skilled at separating people from their weapons.

Generic Form:

The character should be allowed to disarm opponents with normal Attack rolls with no additional difficulty penalties at all.

Improved Grab

You can wrestle one-handed, leaving one free for other actions.

Generic Form:

The character may perform other one-handed actions while indulging in Grappling type actions.

Improved Initiative

You are very good at going first.

Generic Form:

Gain +2 to Notice for comparison on rolls in situations that allow action. Or always get to go first if desired in something like Marvel Heroic initiative style.

Improved Hold

You are very hard to disengage from when wrestling.

Generic Form:

An escapee has a -2 penalty when trying to Overcome your Grappling holds.

Improved Smash

You can target things possessed by opponents very nicely.

Generic Form:

The character should be allowed to attack objects in the possession of opponents with normal Attack rolls with no additional difficulty penalties at all.

Improved Trip

You can make people fall over rather well.

You may choose to knock people over creating a Knocked Down Aspect with an Attack with no added difficulty from normal. Choose Athletics or Physique to do so with the appropriate narration.

Improvised Tools

Never suffer from the lack of gear.

Generic Form:

Improvise from the environment to make tool using Skill rolls with minimally sufficient narrative explanation. If nothing at all is available, do so at a reduced penalty.

Improvised Weapon

You are good at hitting people with whatever comes to hand. Even cars.

Generic Form:

Gain +1 Damage shifts when taking advantage of combat with something you can narrate from the environment that you don’t usually use.


People take heart from your leadership.

Generic Form:

Spend a Fate Point and give all your allies able to perceive your leadership in person +1 to Skill Rolls for one turn.

Instant Up

Never knocked down for long.

Generic Form:

If a character suffers some sort of situation or Aspect that removes them from a standing position they can instantly rectify it as a free action.


Protect others as a human shield.

Generic Form:

Once per turn you may choose to Defend for an ally. The Attack is resolved against you, not them.


You can create new technology, etc.

Generic Form:

Use Crafts to create things that have never existed before that are good for a scene, if prepared.


You are good at doing rather a lot.

Generic Form:

This allows a character to use any Skill in the game as those they have expert knowledge or training when the GM is considering opposing difficulty. Even the 0 level Skills they don’t have.


You know more than your native tongue.

Generic Form:

Gain completely fluency in two different chosen languages. If bought multiple times, exponential stacking, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64…


Your knowledge lets you help out allies in trouble.

Generic Form:

Spend a Fate Point to remove a Mild Consequence from or Overcome a negative Aspect placed on an ally.


You have more than the natural amount of good fortune.

Generic Form:

Once per scene you may reroll as though spending a Fate Point.


You have a supply of followers.

Generic Form:

You have a +2 Mook available to you each game session.


Be flexible in transporting yourself.

Generic Form:

You may split your movement in a turn with no game mechanic penalties up to your normal allowance.

Power Attack

Here you reduce your chance to hit to increase damage done.

Generic Form:

Reduce your Attack Roll -2 to while increasing Shifts of Damage done by 2.

Precise Attack

You are very good at hitting people that are partially hidden.

Generic Form:

Ignore penalties from Aspects or other circumstances to Attack Rolls with targets that are partial concealed as long as the cover is not total or they provide opportunity.

Prone Attack

You can fight from any stance or lack of.

Generic Form:

Ignore Attack or Defense penalties or Knocked Down type aspect invokes when on the ground.

Quick Draw

Always have your weapons to hand.

Generic Form:

No rolls needed or increased difficulties for you to be capable of using your weapons, even if explicitly put away on your person.

Ranged Attack

You are good at fighting from far away.

Generic Form:

Gain +1 to Attack Rolls from a distance.


You can trick an opponent into shooting someone else.

Generic Form:

On a successful Deceive action an attacker makes their attack against the opponent you narrated such trickery involving instead as long as they are nearby and in range.


You can do ritual magic.

Generic Form:

Use Lore to perform magical rituals.

Second Chance

You get another try at avoiding something like animal bites, falling, electricity, etc.

Generic Form:

Choose any specific hazard or bad thing. If you fail a Roll involving this you may immediately Roll again and take the better for you of the two results.

Seize Initiative

Automatically go first.

Generic Form:

Spend a Fate Point and act first, regardless.


Transfer an Attack result to an ally. Fast guy feints for Strong girl to bring the hammer down, etc.

Generic Form:

You Attack as normal and if successful an ally or allies may deliver the damage or effect.


You have a partner that isn’t as good as you.

Generic Form:

You get a loyal Named NPC on your side, run by the GM. You can spend Fate Points for them.

Skill Mastery

Be very cool under pressure in one field.

Generic Form:

For the chosen Skill when this is bought you may choose to not Roll the dice and declare you Rolled a 0 instead, in any situation.


Be scary rather than sneaky.

Generic Form:

You may use Provoke instead of Deceive in combat at all times when appropriate.


Clean up the Mooks.

Generic Form:

If you Attack and successfully take out a Mook, you may attack again if there are any Mooks within range and near the first victim. Continue doing so until you fail to Take Out any or you run out of Mooks.


You are rather good at mockery.

Generic Form:

You may use Deceive rather than Provoke to make your opponents feel bad or worried.


Help out your friends well.

Generic Form:

Gain an extra +2 when assisting your allies in an Action.

Throwing Mastery

You are good at hurting people with missiles.

Generic Form:

Gain +1 Shifts of damage on an attack with a thrown weapon. You may also turn any ordinary harmless item into a thrown weapon that works like a standard Fate Core attack.


You are good at following even poor trails.

Generic Form:

Gain +2 to Notice to follow a trail as long as it is visually possible.


Appear as if dead with extremely slowed body processes.

Generic Form:

After a turn of meditation at least you gain the ability to survive suffocation, etc. for Will extra Time Shifts and suspend the action of poison and disease for the same amoutn of time.

Ultimate Effort

Go for the critical.

Generic Form:

Spend a Fate Point to state one Skill Roll gains a Success With Style, no Roll needed.

Uncanny Dodge

You are extremely observant of possible danger.

Generic Form:

You suffer no penalties or allow opponents any bonuses from surprising you or surprise type Aspects.

Weapon Bind

A defensive grab

Generic Form:

If choosing Full Defense and you are attacked hand to hand by an opponent you may make an Attack action to disarm them.

Weapon Break

A defensive smash.

Generic Form:

If choosing Full Defense and you are attacked hand to hand by an opponent you may make an Attack action against their weapon.


There’s a good chance you know something about them.

Generic Form:

You may make an Investigate or Rapport roll (chosen when bought) the first time you come across a person or persons/organisation to see if you already know something about them.

DC Adventures RPG: Universe – More characters than you would think

This has more than you would expect in it, having rather good Character Cost and solid enough character density…much more description spent on the various areas of the universe as opposed to characters, too.

Over 1/3 are of the villainous variety.

$20.00 –…

Arion, Amazon Warrior, Atomic Knight, Accomplished Perfect Physician, August General In Iron, Amon Hakk, Alley-Kat-Abra, Amethyst, — Whisper A’Daire, Kyle Abott, Artemiz,

Black Pirate, Bat Lash, Harvey Bullock, Director Bones, Brainiac II, Bounder, Brainiac III, Broot, Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne, Blok, — Blackrock, Bernadeth, Black Beetle,

C.A.P., Checkmate Knight, Cameron Chase, Celestial Archer, Commander Ciji, Captain Carrot, Coluan Technician, — Jim Corrigan, Controller, Crystal Creature, Catwoman, Cyberpak,

Dan Turpin, D.E.O. Agent, Doc II, Doctor Occult, Doctor Thirteen, Daxamite, Durlan Spy, — Darkstar Envoy, Doctor Diehard, Dreamslayer, Dominator Soldier, Dark Circle Clone Soldier,

Enemy Ace, Elu, Earth-Man, — Epoch,

Fastback, — Faceless Hunter,

James Gordon, G. I. Robot, Gorilla City Guardsman, Ghost Fox Killer, Ghosts of the Wicked, Garv, Gates, — Gorgon,

Hawk Wingman, Highfather,

Imperial Guardian Lion, Immortal-Man-In-Darkness, — Intergang thug, Infinite Man,

Knight, Kilowog, Kamandi, Khund Cyber-Soldier, — Koolar Warrior,

Liberty Belle [Jesse Chammbers, Libby Lawrence Chambers,], Lady Quark, — Lord Havok, Lashina,

Josie Mac, Mother of Champions, Maxima, Mister E, Metron, — Bruno Mannheim, Manhunter Agent, Manhunter Android, Mercury Monster, Monguls, Mantis, Mad Harriet,

Naltorian Seer,

Pig-Iron, — Psion Researcher,


Rocket Red, Ryan D’R, Rubberduck, — Religion of Crime cultist,

Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, Jakeem Thunder, Tellus, — Time Commander, Time Trapper,

Scalphunter, Sgt Rock, Sasha Bordeaux, Special Crimes Unit, Maggie Sawyer,
Unknown Soldier, Solovar, Squire, Seven Deadly Brothers, Shaolin Robot, Socialist Red Guardian, StrataLady Quark, Starman, Shade the Changing Man, Science Police Officer, — Sonar, Lady Styx, Superboy-Prime, Stompa, Steppenwolf, Shadow Demons,

Thundermind, Tribulus, Tigorr, Titanian Refugee, — Tracer, Thunderers of Qward,


Vartox, — Virman Vundabarr,


Yankee Poodle,

Wildstar, Waverider, — White Martin, Wood King,

0.14 Character Cost
0.63 Character Density

DC Adventures Heroes & Villains, Vol. I GHOTMU for the 21st Century

The DC Adventures books are the GHOTMU for the 21st century. A great deal and even have he heroes and villains colour coded with plenty of sub-entries. So over 300 characters etc. of note in this one.

Adam Strange, Agent Libery, Air Wave, Animal Man, Aquaman [Dolphin, Mera, Aqualad, Tempest,], Arsenal, Atom [Al Pratt, Ray Palmer, Ryan Choi,], Atom Smasher, Aztek, Azrael, — Abra Kadabra, Amazo, Ambush Bug, Ares, Atomic Skull, Atrocitus,

Batgirl [Stephanie Brown], Batgirl [Cassandra Cain], Batgirl [Barbara Gordon], Batman [Lucius Fox, Alfred Pennyworth, Dr Leslie Tompkins,], Batwoman, Beast Boy, Big Barda, Birds of Prey [Lady Blackhawk, Misfit], Black Canary [Dinah Drake Lance], Black Canary [Dinah Lauren Lance], Black Lightning, Blackhawks [Andre Blanc-Dumont Chuck, Blackhawk, Olaf, Hendrickson, Weng Chang, Stanislaus], Blue Beetle [Dan Garrett], Blue Beetle [Ted Kord], Blue Beetle [Jaime Reyes], Blue Devil, Blue Devil [Original Version], Blue Lantern Corps [Brother, Sister], Booster Gold [Rip Hunter, Skeets,], Brainiac 5, Bronze Tiger, — Bane, Bizarro, Black Adam, Black Hand, Black Manta [Manta-Men], Blackfire, Blaze, Blockbuster [Roland Desmond, Mark Desmond, Lady Vic], Bolt, Brainiac, Brainiac [Milton Fine], Brother Blood [IX], Brother Blood [VII and Blood Cultist], Brotherhood of Evil [Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Houngan, Gemini, Phobia, Plasmus, Warp,],

Captain Atom, Captain Comet, Captain Marvel [Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior,], Challengers of the Unknown [Leslie “Rocky” Davis, Kyle “Ace” Morgan, Matthew “Red” Ryan, Walter Mark “Prof” Haley, June Robbins,], Colossal Boy, Congorilla, Congo Bill, John Constantine, Cosmic Boy, Creeper, Crimson Avenger [Lee Travis, Unknown,], Cyborg, — Calculator, Captain Boomerang [Digger Harkness], Captain Boomerang [Owen “Boomer” Mercer], Captain Cold, Catman, Catwoman, Chameleon Boy, Cheetah [Barbara Minerva, Priscilla Rich, Sebastian Ballesteros,], Chemo, Cheshire, Chronos [David Clinton, Walker Gabriel], Circe [Bestiamorphs,], Clayface [Matthew Hayden, Basil Karlo, Preston Payne, Sondra Fuller, Cassius “Clay” Payne, Dr. Peter Malley, Todd Russell, Johnny Williams,], Copperhead, Count Vertigo, Crime Syndicat [Johnny Quick, Owlman, Power Ring, Superwoman, Ultraman, Barracuda, Blood Eagle, White Martian,], Cyborg Superman,

Damage, Dawnstar, Deadman, Demon [Jason Blood,], Doctor Fate [Fate,], Doctor Light, Doctor Mid-Nite [Dr Pieter Cross, Charles McNider,], Doom Patrol [Chief, Elasti-Woman, Mento, Negative Man, Negative Woman, Robotman, Celsius, Tempest,], Dream Girl, Duplicate Damsel, — Darkseid [Parademons, Desaad, Granny Goodness, Kalibak,], Deadshot, Deathstroke, Demons Three, Despero, Doctor Light, Doctor Polaris, Doctor Psycho, Doctor Syvana, Doomsday,

Element Lad, Elongated Man, Enchantress, Eradicator, — Eclipso, Evil Star,

Fire, Firestorm, Flash [Barry Allen, Iris Allen, Jay Garrick, Wally West, Linda Park], Freedom Fighters [Firebrand [Andre Twist], Doll Man [Lester Colt], Human Bomb [Andy Franklin], Phantom Lady [Stormy Knight], Black Condor [John Trujillo]], Red Bee [Jenna Raleigh, Robot Drone,], Miss America, Neon [Lanford “Happy” Terrill], Miss America, — Fatal Five [Emerald Empress, Mano, Persuader, Tharok, Validus,], Fearsome Five [Psimon, Gizmo, Jinx, Shimmer, Mammoth, ], Felix Faust, Floronic Man,

Geo-Force, Giganta, Green Arrow [Connor Hawke], Green Arrow [Oliver Queen], Green Lantern Corps [Power Ring, ], Green Lantern [Guy Gardner], Green Lantern [Hal Jordan], [Tom Kalmaku, Jillian “Cowgirl” Pearlman,], Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner], Green Lantern [Alan Scott], Green Lantern [John Stewart], Guardian, Gypsy, — General, Generaal Immortus, General Zod, Gentleman Ghost, Giganta, Gorilla Grodd,

Harbinger [Monitor, Anti-Monitor, New Monitors,], Hawk, Dove, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Jonah Hex, Hitman [Natt “the Hat” Walls], Hourman [Rex Tyler], Hourman [Rick Tyler], Hourman [Matthew Tyler], Lucas “Snapper” Carr, Timothy Hunter, Huntress, Ice, Indigo Lantern Corps [Power Ring, Indigo-1,], — Harley Quinn, Heat Wave, Hector Hammond, H.I.V.E. [Master, Councilor, Recruit, Trooper, Queen Bee, Damien Darhk,],

— Injustice Gang of the World [I.O., I.O. Gang Member,], Injustice Society [Blackbriar Thorn, Icicle, Shiv, Thinker [AI Version], Tigress, Wizard], Isis [Osiris,],
Jemm Son of Saturn, Jade, Johnny Quick, Justice League of America, Justice Society Headquarters [Amazing Man, Lightning, Mathilda “Ma” Hunkel, Mister America,], JSA All-Stars [Citizen Steel, Cyclone, Judomaster [Sonia Sato], King Chimera, Tomcat,], — Jericho, Joker,
Karate Kid, Katana, Kid Flash, — Kanjar Ro, Kestrel, Key, Killer Croc, Killer Frost, Killer Moth, Kobra [Bestowed, Lanceheads,],
— Libra,


0.07 Character Cost
0.95 Character Density

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