Mirrorshades – the Cyberpunk Anthology

A seminal text for life as it turns out:-

“The MIRRORSHADES cyberpunk story collection, the original, with stories by William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Greg Bear, Lew Shiner, Marc Laidlaw, Pat Cadigan, Bruce Sterling, Tom Maddox, Paul Di Filippo , James Patrick Kelly, and, yes, me [John Shirley]–” – thanks to, for posting on Mastodon.



Just making a list of ones I have liked

https://questionablecontent.net/ – been going for 20 years – many sentient robots

https://www.atomic-robo.com/atomicrobo/v1ch1-page-1 – What if Hellboy was a robot designed by famous inventors?

Spacetrawler – Half a dozen humans shanghaied by aliens to help try and free a race of technogenius inventors with no willpower – silliness ensues – the second one has a BOXING KANGAROO as a main character! This is brilliant!

https://ohumanstar.com/ – Robot inventor gets revived as a digital version

https://www.goblinscomic.org/ – A bunch of goblins discover they can be PCs too, meta-adventuring hilarity and pathos ensues

Freakangels – Mutant postapocalypse meets the Midwick Cuckoos

The Order of the Stick – Dungeon adventuring with very skinny limbs

Drugs and Wires

Steeple – A Satanist and a Vicar switch jobs, in the same town. With fish people and midsomer murders.

Digger – A wombat has fantasy adventures – not read enough to know ore

Stand Still, Say Silent – A Fennoscandian postapocalypse https://sssscomic.com/comic.php?page=3

The Subsitutes – https://www.thesubstitutescomic.com/comic/prologue-page-12

Spindrift – https://spindrift-comic.com/comic/01/16

Battleplug – Barbarian on dog


Insufferable – Batman style manipulator and narcissistic sidekick

Athena Voltaire

Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether

Dungeon23 – 048 Ruby Base Level 37 Key 8

This is Dr Ruby’s Lab and one of her offices.

GM: At 8 is said energy device. It is related to trying to improve the time travel shenanigans that have gone badly wrong, in case they ever want to get out of here. It could, of course, kill every and if it degrades instead of improves, maybe wipe out a good chunk of what would become New South Wales.

Dr Ruby's Lab
High energy device control panel

Dungeon23 – 045 Ruby Base Level 37 Key 4

This is Dr Ruby’s Lab and one of her offices.

GM: This a stairway up and down. The staff that are actually allowed in here no it is actually not useful and leads up and down to holographically disguised deathtraps, to be designed later. 21st century technology nasty-blasty-deathtraps. e.g. only intruders are likely to fall foul of these. Or drunk minions, but they don’t care about those.

Dr Ruby's Lab
Dr Rubys Lab stair death trap
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