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Fight Fire – for Marcus Licinius Crassus, the Richest Man In Rome

FATE: Fight Fire – for Marcus Licinius Crassus, the Richest Man In Rome

An early organised firefighting brigade. Let’s make a deal, see what and who we can save for you.

Draft 1.0 April 23, 2013 – Blue Tyson

Today’s firefighters are often hailed as heroes. In Ancient Rome and earlier times, a rather more mercenary situation. Those afflicted with a blaze would still be happy to see them, but in stressful times may not make the best financial decisions with regards to their property.


The man in charge of the whole five hundred strong operation is detailed below, as is his lead team of firefighters, with their boss, muscle, driver, climber and water man. Lieutenant, Vent, Drive, Roof and Can in Fight Fire terminology if you like.

You can assume they are well outfitted with any gear that they want, shields, types of armour, padding, buckets, primitive hoses or anything they could invent, or pay someone to come up with. This is a new industry for the city and they are at the forefront.

The general operation is – and Crassus himself may lead if a big or important propety – find a fire, offer to put it out and save the property. Putting it out may involve knocking the building down so it burns in on itself. Otherwise some really hazardous firefighting time if there are people and buildings and other items to save.

Crassus is not a man you want to disappoint. Crime, skullduggery, politics, slavery, war, bribery and more will form the backdrop for this sort of operation. Will someone start a rival operation that could lead to bloodshed?


Marcus Licinis Crassus

Richer Than Anybody You Know
Have them arrested or executed, get their stuff!
Almost everybody who is anybody owes me money
Ruthless Property Speculator and general
Empire Builder

F: Excellent +2
A: Good +1
S: Good +1
E: Excellent +2
R: Excellent +2
I: Remarkable +3
P: Excellent +2

Resources Amazing (+5)
Popularity Remarkable (+3)

Amazing (+5) Business, Contacts
Incredible (+4) Intimidation, Politics
Remarkable (+3) Deceit, Leadership, Warfare, Sword
Excellent (+2) Burglary, Ride, Teach
Good (+1) Piracy, Sail

Antoninus “Bulla” Datus

Property owner, I have an offer for you
Stay on Crassus good side
Burning Down the House

F: Typical +0
A: Typical +0
S: Good +1
E: Good +1
R: Good +1
I: Excellent +2
P: Good +1

Resources Excellent (+2)
Popularity Good (+1)

Excellent (+2) Negotiate, Intimidate

Fronto “Ventus” Crespus

You’d like a hole there, boss?

F: Excellent +2
A: Typical +0
S: Excellent +2
E: Excellent +2
R: Typical +0
I: Typical +0
P: Typical +0

Resources Good (+1)
Popularity Typical (+0)

Remarkable (+3) Axe, Hammer, Polearm
Good (+1) Intimidate

Justus “Rota” Urbanus

On my way, boss!
Chariot, cart, litter. It’ll do!

F: Typical +0
A: Excellent +0
S: Good +1
E: Good +1
R: Typical +0
I: Good +1
P: Typical +0

Resources Typical (+0)
Popularity Typical (+0)

Remarkable (+3) Drive, Ride

Felix “Tegula” Veranus

I’m on top of it, boss!

F: Typical +0
A: Remarkable +3
S: Typical +0
E: Good +1
R: Typical +0
I: Good +1
P: Typical +0

Resources Typical (+0)
Popularity Typical (+0)

Incredible (+4) Climb
Remarkable (+3) Jump, Fall

Drive, Vent, Breach, Search, Advance

Longinus “Situla” Proculus

More water, boss?

F: Typical +0
A: Typical +0
S: Excellent +2
E: Excellent +2
R: Typical +0
I: Good +1
P: Typical +0

Resources Typical (+0)
Popularity Typical (+0)

Remarkable (+3) Lift, Carry
Excellent (+2) Commerce, Drive


Being a big Marvel Super Heroes fan from way back, this is how I like to think:

Value Adjective

+13 Cosmic 5 (Class 5000)
+12 Cosmic 3 (Class 3000)
+11 Cosmic 1 (Class 1000)
+10 Legendary Z (Shift Z)
+9 Legendary Y (Shift Y)
+8 Legendary X (Shift X)
+7 Unearthly (Epic)
+6 Monstrous (Fantastic)
+5 Amazing (Superb)
+4 Incredible (Great)
+3 Remarkable (Good)
+2 Excellent (Fair)
+1 Good (Average)
+0 Typical (Mediocre)
-1 Poor
-2 Feeble (Terrible)
-3 Awful 0 (Shift 0)
-4 Abysmal

FASERIP – basic human attributes

Physique is split compared to Core, into a Strength component and an Endurance component, the latter of which should be used for the Stress track. Reason is native intelligence.

Fighting (Fight)
Agility (Athletics)
Intuition (Notice)
Psyche (Will)


Popularity is a measure of charisma, reputation and public influence. If you like, bad people can have a negative popularity ladder equivalent. Supervillains, mass murderers, ruthless thugs in The Ball, etc.



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