DCC FASERIP - Spider Woman
DCC FASERIP – Spider Woman



“Well, the answer’s simple, you never want to force players to buy “funky” dice to play your game.  And OSR types (myself included) are plenty content with the dice we already have.  Still, it’s too good an idea to ignore, so how about this?

Feeble  d3
Poor  d4
Typical  d6
Good  d8
Excellent  d10
Remarkable  d12
Incredible  d14
Amazing  d16
Monstrous  d20
Unearthly  d24
Shift X  d30

Dejah Thoris

Dejah Thoris
Dejah Thoris

From: https://jackolanternsmshblog.blogspot.com/2009/08/write-up-dejah-thoris.html

F: Rm (30)
A: Ex (20)
S: Gd (10)
E: Rm (30)
R: Gd (10)
I: Ex (20)
P: Rm (30)

Health: 90
Karma: 60
Resources: In (40)
Popularity: 40 (on Barsoom/Mars)

Sharp Weapons
Sex Appeal
Dual Weapons*
Knowledge: Barsoom Culture
Knowledge: Multi-Lingual
Knowledge: Barsoom History

Martian Physiology:

  • Dejah is a red Martian, with the following racial abilities:Longevity: as a red Martian, Dejah can live upwards of 1000 earth years
  • Telepathic: Dejah has Pr (4) telepathy with other Martian races.
  • Recovery: Dejah can recover Endurance at a much higher rate with Ex (20) ability
  • Resist: Temperature: Dejah, like all Martians, has some natural resistance to standard temperature extremes with Gd (10) ability.

D&D Armor Class

Originally when I started playing, you just looked up an Attack Matrix. This listed the number to hit an Armor Class based on the character class and level. Armor Class was Descending, so lower was better. Once you knew one AC, of course, a simple calculation gets you the rest. You need a 19 to hit Armor Class 0 then obviously a 17 to hit Armor Class 2. Moldvay Basic or AD&D.

This of course led to the second edition and recording the To Hit Armor Class 0 number or THACO on a character sheet.

Another way to calculate this, which gets used in Stars Without Number 1st Edition for example:

d20 + modifiers + AC >= 20

Here you have at a simple level, an attack bonus for example. If this is +2 and the AC of the opponent is 5 then you need d20 + 7 >= 20 or a 13 to hit. If instead of wearing Chain the opponent is wearing Plate, then it would be a 15 to hit.

Then we have a current version of Ascending Armor Class where the Armor Class listed is the target number to hit.

d20 + modifiers >= AC

LotFP classes Maths


by Cavegirl

Which builds on the work done by Erin Smale at :-

Reverse engineering the classes from D&D by XP value for various abilities, HD, Saving throws etc. to get the XP total to get to the next level. I read this some time ago and couldn’t find it again, so thanks to Cavegirl for writing this and rediscovering it for me.
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