Mordenkainen’s Fantastic Adventure and the Multiverse

Review's Fantastic Adventure

I have always mused at the end of this that after finding the possibilites in the Tome of the Black Hand, that the Lost City of the Elder is :-

Grimjack multiverse

This multiversal possibility leading to the ability to travel to any game universe. Gotham City, Ringworld, Glorantha, etc.

Today’s Superhero Random Encounter – The Ghost In the Darkness

I am sure PCs could learn to hate this villain :-

Superhero Random Encounter Generator

A hunter that can shrink, phase and has a Mental Blast.

Superhero Random Encounters
Generating Random Encounter –

1 – Human
– Road
2 – Perpetrator
– Super Villain
3 – VillainMotivation
– Survival
4 – Archetype
– Great White Hunter
5 – Origin
– Human
6 – Random Power Numbers
– 4 Powers
7 — Random Powers 1 : Shrinking
— Random Skill Numbers : 4 Skill
—- Random Skills 1 – : Forensics
—- Random Skills 2 – : Sewing and Tailoring
—- Random Skills 3 – : Parapsychology
—- Random Skills 4 – : Acoustics
7 — Random Powers 2 : Astral Detection
— Random Skill Numbers : 2 Skill
—- Random Skills 1 – : Martial Arts B
—- Random Skills 2 – : Electrical Engineering
7 — Random Powers 3 : Phasing
— Random Skill Numbers : 4 Skill
—- Random Skills 1 – : Martial Arts E
—- Random Skills 2 – : Martial Arts B
—- Random Skills 3 – : Video Games
—- Random Skills 4 – : Business/Finance
7 — Random Powers 4 : Mental Blast
— Random Skill Numbers : 4 Skill
—- Random Skills 1 – : Artist
—- Random Skills 2 – : Acrobatics
—- Random Skills 3 – : Forensics
—- Random Skills 4 – : Seismology

Gaming Nerds R Us FASERIP Downloads

Gamng Nerds r Us Downloads – Wildstorm, DC, Polyhedron etc

In the Wildstorm book it has random generation for characters from that universe, so you could be a Kheran or a Black Razor agent etc.

Including :-

Original Works
Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game (MSH RPG)
The Ultimate Origins Book, Version 2

The Ultimate Origins Book, volume 3: Golden Age and More

The Ultimate Origins Book, supplement 1: DC Origins

The Ultimate Origins Book Supplement 2: Wildstorm Origins (as mentioned previously – I am a big Wildstorm fan).

The Ultimate Talents Book, version 3.1

Sexcetera: the Extended Director’s Cut!

Sexcetera encore: Rideau Appel!

Compilations of Others’ Works
Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game (MSH RPG)
The Almost Complete Polyhedron Newszine Collection

OSR Guide For The Perplexed Questionnaire

1. One article or blog entry that exemplifies the best of the Old School Renaissance for me:

Today, I like this FASERIP Wildstorm supplement, Wildstorm being one of my favourite things.

There are some MSH groups on facebook doing things, for some reason not sensibly available on the internet in general, consistently. Don’t know why.

Just found there is an internet compilation of several of these at :- Gaming Nerds R Us Downloads

2. My favorite piece of OSR wisdom/advice/snark:

Have fun.

3. Best OSR module/supplement:

Bloody hell,hard to pick that one.

Today I will pick Frostbitten & Mutilated, as we have been adventuring there recently. Consistent, nasty, useful setting that can be dropped in a game pretty easily. Say, north of Vornheim for example Frostbitten & Mutilated. A very nice book in print.

4. My favorite house rule (by someone else):

Today, it is :-

So Many Bullets, So Little Time: Exactly how is it that Spider-Man is able to dodge automatic weapon fire from half a dozen armed thugs when, according to the rules, the most actions that any character can make in a single round is three?! Easy. Under the Agility FEATs listed in the Judge’s Book, dodging bullets is an Incredible Intensity Agility FEAT. So if the player controlling Spider-Man states that he is doing nothing else that round but Dodging, all he has to do is make an Agility FEAT versus the listed Intensity and viola! He’s dodged them all! Of course this only works if the hero has gone TOTALLY defensive. Any offensive actions made in the same round negate this option.

5. How I found out about the OSR:

In 2007 Phil Reed proposed a project to do a public domain version of TSR’s Marvel Superheroes, which I donated to, and 4C System was born. This got me interested in game stuff again after working basically 7 days a week for years. This led to OSRIC and to everything else from content to online gaming.

6. My favorite OSR online resource/toy:

The Classic Traveller character generator is excellent.

Scout Rin Itō B57AA5 Age 22
1 term Cr50,000

Skills: Jack-o-T-1, Mechanical-1, Pilot-1

Service History:
Attempted to enlist in Scouts.
Enlistment accepted.
Chose not to reenlist after first term.

7. Best place to talk to other OSR gamers:

Google+ certainly was it.

8. Other places I might be found hanging out talking games:

RPG Talk, OSR, Stars Without Number discords, and now MeWe. Occasionally facebook.

9. My awesome, pithy OSR take nobody appreciates enough:

The CR thing is waste of time, many decades happened without it.

10. My favorite non-OSR RPG:

Currently, Mindjammer :- Mindjammer RPG Which has a Traveller supplement I have linked to!

11. Why I like OSR stuff:

There is tons of great, creative stuff. Even some amazing quality published books that are lovely artifiacts.

12. Two other cool OSR things you should know about that I haven’t named yet:

Monster & Magic is a 3d6 resolution D&D game designed to work with all the old modules. Monsters & Magic RPG

13. If I could read but one other RPG blog but my own it would be:

The first one I think of is Christian Lindke’s Advanced Dungeons and Parenting

14. A game thing I made that I like quite a lot is:

Superhero Random Encounter Generator which distills a lot of stuff from a lot of games into a crazy mega-agglomeration of results to give gaming prompts.

15. I’m currently running/playing:

Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

16. I don’t care whether you use ascending or descending AC because:

It is arithmetic. I always think descending in my head and then have to convert, however.

17. The OSRest picture I could post on short notice:

X-Men vs Sauron in the Savage Land

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